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Thread: JB panels 777 panel with fmc

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    hi i am new in this web please can u gave my some time becouse i have a probleme that i got the simconnect with old vers its 10.0.60905.0
    and thats why i cant enjoy evry 777 i downoald frome simviation becouse i read in the altitude indicature alot of information like
    error loading b777 serv.dll
    check simconect.dll ver 10.0612590
    check msvcr90.dll
    and forgave my alot for my anglish pleas pleees i am waiting u re rescue

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    Hello atlantis and welcome to this forum.

    The FMC which comes with the B777 is not very easy to set up.
    There are some files other than the files for the panel which need to be manually copied.
    For example the files named jb777_fmc.dll jb777loader.dll need to be copied to the FSX/MODULES folder.
    Then the dll.xml file needs to be changed. This files is located in C:/USERS/<your username>/APPDATA/ROAMING/MICROSOFT/FSX folder (make sure you have 'show system folders' enabled otherwise you will never find APPDATA folder.
    Have you done this already?You may need to download the relevant files from AVSIM.COM
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    hey does anyone else see that when you go into descent mode that the green cruz stays on centre screen?

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