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    Default FSX AI Wingview

    In fsx some ai planes are good enough quality to me that I want to fly. But there is one problem, I like flying as a passenger so when I get into the virtual cockpit view you are not able to see the wings, the only thing visible is the wing lights. Is there a way to fix this, like on the 737 and e190?

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    I know I wish someone would come up with a way...

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    others do it but i want to know too

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    Because they are AI aircraft, they're models weren't designed with virtual cockpits or any inside views. The model is only visible from the outside not the inside, so the only visible thing you can see, as you said, are the lights, since they're not part of the model.

    Unless you want to remodel to whole entire aircraft, there's no way you're going to get to see AI aircraft from the inside.

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    Oh ok thanks

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