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Thread: Honeywell/Bendix King FMC Help

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    Question Honeywell/Bendix King FMC Help

    I have successfully installed the FMC into Flight Simulator X and I can get it working. However, how do I get it to automatically change VORs. On the MFD, the line changes from white to purple but the radio stays locked to the previous VOR. Is it possible to get the FMC to automatically change?



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    Which FMC? Not knowing, do you have to be in Nav mode, GPS or Hdg mode to use LNAV?
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    It's the Honeywell/Bendix King freeware FMC. I don't know which mode I need to be in but I have tried VOR Loc and Hdg Hold, where I have to manually adjust aspects, which I don't want to have to do.

    Instructions for the FMC:

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    When you click the button in the Bendix King FMC to change the radio frequency or the VOR frequency (the button to click always has the "<" or ">" sign next to it), it should change the COM or NAV frequency immediately. (Note that it only changes the COM 1 or NAV 1 frequencies, not Com 2 or NAV 2.) I flew a test flight last night, with this FMC, and it worked perfectly. This was with the FSX default Lear 45. But I also use this FMC with the other default aircraft (B737, A321 and CRJ-700) without any problems changing the frequency. Are you trying this using one of the FSX default planes? Or another freeware/payware aircraft? I would suggest trying it with the FSX default planes (if you are not already).
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    Default Stupid me needs some guidance

    HI, i installed 777 from rikooo it is bendix king honeywell freeware

    FMC not accepting any inputs at all?

    nothing going into scratchpad and L keys that I know I used in PDMG like set performance defaults also not working

    Must be stupid me on somethhing i a missing

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