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Thread: speed on hold , does any one use it ?

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    Default speed on hold , does any one use it ?

    does any one , when flying a 737 use the speed on hold feature?

    just wondering?

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    What do you mean by speed on hold? Do you mean setting speed on MCP?
    I use it often during approach phase when need to slow down and prepare for landing. You can of course program FMC to do that, but I'm having more fun doing it by myself (it is even more fun when doing it manualy without autothrotle, but it requires a lot of concentration on what you are doing)
    For Climb and Cruise I ussualy alow FMC to control the speed (vertical navigation)

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    I set speed 'hold' on the 737 once airborne, adjusting as required, through to approach when I knock of auto throttle and take control for landing.
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    Use it on the 737 from shortly after T.O. until trimming out for landing, usually about 20 miles from touchdown. It's hard to keep the beast below 250 knots without it.

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    That depends on how realistic you want it to be. Sometimes i set it autopilot on takeoff with a minimum takeoff speed.
    i also use the autoland ( can be downloaded from the flightsim library ) wich sets an automated speed for approaches and landings.
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    I use it a lot, especially since I'm using PFE for ATC service and there are a lot of speed restrictions/instructions.

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    1 pilot doing the work of 2. Yep of course you would. The issue with the defaults is that they only model speed hold and not FLCH or N1 hold, the modes most commonly used in the real world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mallcott View Post
    1 pilot doing the work of 2. Yep of course you would. The issue with the defaults is that they only model speed hold and not FLCH or N1 hold, the modes most commonly used in the real world.
    For some reason, I thought the default 737 actually had N1 hold as well.............not that I can recall the last time I used it though.

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    Use it all the time.

    For me the takeoff and landings are what I do this for, and I always do both manually. The bit in between is just sitting looking at a screen (or not if I've decided to go out). Occasionally I'll turn an engine off and/or program a fault, but more often than not I use a/p with Nav (GPS) hold for the cruise.

    PS: for those who occasionally land on 1 engine to spice things up, try taking off on 1 engine. You won't take off, but I guarantee you'll have fun .
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    Use the Vnav function in all but initial climb out and final approaches. Once I'm below around 10,000 ft I prefer to take over the approach from the FMS and use the MCP speed hold function to manage the rest of my descent. I usually disengage the autopilot once established on final but will sometimes leave the autothrottle engaged a while longer until just before crossing the threshold. Once established on the glideslope in your final landing configuration, you shouldn't have to adjust the throttle very much at all.
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