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    Hello chaps,

    I would like to write about my aviation profile, explain what I do, and what I intend to do in the near future.

    Ever since I was 5 years old, I had been traveling from the Americas to Europe, up to 3 times a year! I had visited many countries, flown many European airlines, and many aircraft. Because of the amount of flying, I had slowly gained an interest into aviation. I had the intention to fly as a career, but had chosen to become an Aeronautical Engineer.

    Working at the airport (in or near aircraft , my exposure to aviation had been immense. What I usually do is make sure the aircraft is not intentionally tampered with (simply put, not messed around with). I am mostly working on the Boeing 767-300ER from LOT Polish, quite the old bird I would say. Sometimes I am on the Boeing 737-700/800 from Aeromexico.

    I gain my knowledge from school and from the mechanics at the labour. The mechanics explain how the aircraft systems work and some troubleshooting techniques as the aircraft we work on are a bit old. I had also been on LOT's new 787 Dream)liner, a fantastic plane, and learned quite the amount of information about it. I do hope it takes the sky soon.

    I am a student pilot and am going for my Private licence. I had flown the Cessna 172, 152. I am going for the private licence to be able to fly around for myself and then going for the Pilot Instructors licence to gain hours.

    In the near future I intend to get my A&P Licence and become an Aeronautical Engineer, later a check-captain?

    The aircraft I had been on are:
    • Boeing: 737-600 , 737-700 , 737-800NG , 747-400 , 767-200 , 767-300 , 777-200 , 787-800
    • Airbus: A319 , A320 , A330-200 , A330-300 , A340-300 , A340-600
    • Embraer: 145 , 170 , 175 , 190
    • Canada Regional: 700 , 900
    • BAe / Avro 146
    • Fokker: 100
    • Cessna: 172 , 152

    The airlines:
    • LOT Polish Air
    • SWISS
    • Lufthansa
      • Lufthansa Regional/Cityline

    • Contact Air
    • Southwest Air
    • Aeromexico

    I hope this information is interesting, it has been quite the experience to be where I am at today... no doubt the best of course.


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    -LOT (SP-LRA) 787 Dream)liner.

    Best Regards,

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    Excellent profile Bartek and thank you for taking the time to share that with us. It's great to see student pilots posting profiles as well.

    Be sure to keep us informed on how you're coming along with the lessons, what stage you're in and any thoughts, and experiences you have while you learn. If you happen to take any photos of the planes you're flying feel free to post them here in your profile. While your at the airport if you see other aircraft you would like to share with us or want to show us the airport you fly at feel free to post those in the Real World Aviation Photos & Galleries also.

    I'm sure what you post will be a great encouragement to others learning to fly and hopefully they'll post as well. I'm sure you'll benefit from the pilots and instructors advice that are already in the forum.

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