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Thread: FSX.CFG or fsx.cfg

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    Default FSX.CFG or fsx.cfg

    Each time I use FSX the fsx.cfg in C:\Users\Ray\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX is replaced with a new one. The one I want to use is named FSX.CFG. Is the fact that its FSX.CFG and not fsx.cfg that is causing this to happen?

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    No -- it's not case sensitive. The fsx.cfg file is automatically updated every time you exit FSX, and changes made to the file while the sim is running (unless done with a sim control/slider) are lost at exit.

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    Interesting that you ask this, I'll be waiting for the answer also.
    Last week for the first time I opened up the fsx.cfg file to see what was in there. There were freeware planes and the "Trusted Gauges"
    that go with them, these were planes that I had long ago deleted.

    I went ahead and deleted all these unused files. A few days later I opened the fsx.cfg file again and there were two fsx.cfg files, the one that I deleted from and another complete file that still had all the deleted planes and gauges still listed.

    I wonder if when you open the fsx.cfg file, it automatically creates a second copy as a backup?

    EDIT: As I was writing this, the answer came in.
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    Windows will not allow 2 files with the same name in one folder.

    If you see 2 FSX.cfg files, it is because you have set Windows to "Hide extensions for known file types".

    I should restate that Windows is set to that whether you did it or not, and it can (should) be changed.

    So while it appears that you have 2 FSX.cfg files, one of them is actually FSX.cfg.txt which is generated by FSX when FSX crashes in the event that you decide to give Microsoft the details of the crash ( do not bother, nobody is home to receive the data).

    The FSX.cfg.txt is not used by FSX and can be safely deleted, or stored as a backup, though the settings may not be what you want.

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    StringBean. I rechecked and you are correct.
    There is a FSX file, when opened, there is the cfg. file, this is the one I deleted from the first time.
    Then there is one that is actually called fsx.cfg, when highlighted, it says TEXT. DOCUMENT. I assume this is the one you say can be
    deleted or keep as a backup.
    I have deleted all the unused freeware planes and trusted gauges from the "Text, Documents" file and will leave it as a backup.

    Thanks for the explanation as to how it works.

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    Go into Control panel > Folder options, then click on the View tab. Remove the checkmark from "Hide file extensions for known file types". While you're there put a dot in "Show hidden filed, folders, and drives". It'll save a lot of confusion. (those defaults are the stupidest thing MS has ever come up with IMHO)

    No reason to keep the .txt file for backup BTW, it might contain things that can give you problems. Just copy your known good fsx.cfg to another folder or make a copy of it right where it is and rename it fsx.cfg.bak or something.


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    Thanks Jim. I will put another good word in about you!

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    I use 7Z and just zip the fsx.cfg file for backup. I do the same for FS9.cfg.
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