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Thread: Realistic zoom in FSX

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    As Mark has already said, assuming you have a widescreem monitor, you should add WideViewAspect=True in the [Display] section of fsx.cfg and use a zoom setting of 1.0. Any other setting is really just an issue of personal preference and not related to what is the correct zoom setting.

    Paul Golding
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    0.5 seems to be the norm for my eyes.
    Dave Opper
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    I use a monitor with 1600x900 resolution and a diagonal size of 24". For most aircraft, I use .60 zoom and it works well. Depending on the VC, any resolution less than .60 can make the smaller instrument lettering hard to read. I notice this more in VC's with glass cockpits such as the Carenado A36 Bonanza or the Cessna Citation Mustang. I will sometimes use .50 zoom for flying helicopters for a wider field of view. For outside spot views, I think that 1.5 zoom looks better than the default 1.0.
    I do not have TrackIR on my PC.


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    There was an excellent series of videos on the subject of zoom with flight simulator at YouTube. It was quite impressive the depth with the depth and scope of the subject. Worth searching there for them. I think (going off memory, I think the video concluded something like .60-.72 was the most natural).


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    Given that the thread is titled 'realistic zoom is FSX', I'd have thought that there is probably only one correct answer and I don't believe it has anything to do with having a wider view or whether or not you can see enough instruments at a big enough to read size. Zoom affects how far away everything appears to be and using a low zoom is like looking through the wrong end of binoculars i.e. wrong.

    I'll post later with the link to the video that explains it all.

    Paul Golding
    Dreamfleet/Flight1 727 & 727X Developer

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    I generally use .70 as a starting point for GA aircraft since anything wider doesn't seem claustrophobic enough to me (GA cabins aren't roomy), and .50 for helicopters, where the view is mostly outside and peripheral vision helps. But since I'm also a TrackIR user, I'm constantly shifting viewpoint as needed, so in practice I'm probably using some of the wider views mentioned here without really knowing it. I work with a 26" monitor and my eyepoint is a little over 2 feet away from it.
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    Default Realistic zoom in FSX

    0.7 for me. I move the eyepoint back until its just after the headrest.
    AJ Pongress

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    I zoom back just enough to reach a beer on occasion.... other than that, 3 monitors as front screen -1.0, Widescreen aspect - true


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