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    Talking My Profile Story

    I'm not a pilot. I think that's the minority it seems here. When in the 9th grade, I came across Flight Simulator Version 3 at school. It was fun. Later, I found version 5.1 on CD. I purchased it, and flew all over the place. I Loved it, joined this websight, and downloaded other planes ect.
    I had found something I loved. Aviation.

    So when I graduated high school (1997) I wasnt sure what I wanted to do with my life. The US Navy wanted to recruit me to work on nuclear reactors. That seemed abit over my head. ITT Tech was another option, however that seemed expensive. I knew having a military background would make me look more favorable to poltential employers, plus it would give me money for school. So I joined the USAF. At the recruiting station the guy asked me what I wanted to do for the USAF. I said I wanted to work on aircraft electrical systems. I had some vocational education in electronics from a high school program called "Vo-Tech". The first job that the guy showed me delt with IR sensors and such. I said sure, but he said that it was already filled. The second job he showed me talked about calibrating fuel gauges and other things. So I said sure again. That's the job I got. AFSC 2A431, and later 2A573B.

    While in the USAF I learned about avionic systems and aircraft in general. The USAF Avionic school that I went to was about 6 months long. November 1997 to about May 1998. Then I arrived at Travis AFB (KSUU) where I learned more, I learned how to fuel them, tow them, jack them, operate various systems. I started off doing avionics work on C-5 Galaxys.

    In July of 2001 I was transfered to Hickam AFB (PHIK), where in addition to C-5s, I also had to learn to work on, and maintain the avionic systems of C-17s and C-141s. I was also required to perform basic aircraft ground handeling of C-130s, 747s, KC-10s, KC-135s, DC-8s, 757s, DC-10s, MD-11s, an L-100 and even an AN-124. Mostly all we did for the civilian planes was guide them into and out of the parking spots. It was while assigned to this unit when the attacks happened that september. I remember when OEF kicked off the ramp was full of KC-135 tankers. We were humping to recover them all. C-5s and C-17s were overflying and stageing in Guam, makeing airborn refuels. Some of them had problems and would land just for fuel.

    At about January of 2005, I got reassigned to Moody AFB in Georgia, (KVAD). This is where my rotor wing experiance begins. My unit operated HH-60G Pavehawk helicopters. It took me a while to get used to it, and I had alot to learn. I learned about swash plates, blades leading and lagging. It was while assigned to this unit when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. My unit was one of the first USAF units to respond. We staged out of Jackson Mississippi Guard base. Slept in the work out room of a C-17 Hanger. That following October, I went to Iraq for 66 days. A few months after returning, they discovered that I'm dyslexic, and it is against USAF policy. So they proceeded to discharge me. November 9, 2006 marked my last day in the USAF.

    I took a few months off to figure out what my next move would be, spend the holidays with family. I descided it was time to get my A&P Licence. I checked and the FAA doesn't reconise USAF AFSC 2A573B as required experiance. that ment A&P school.
    In May of 2007 I started A&P school at Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology. They were still at Willow Run airport at the time (KYIP) I learned alot in A&P school. Very glad that I went. Learned about aircraft maitenance in a more structured enviroment and as a whole instead of bits and peices here and there. I graduatd in December of 2008, and passed my tests earning my A&P licence.

    January 2009, I get hired at Trans States Airlines. I worked in the overnight maitenance hangar in St Louis (KSTL) I get to work on Embraer 145 regional jets, as well CRJ-700s. In April, they lost their contract with American, and shut down their 3rd shift flightline/gate maitenance. This resulted in me being laid off. I had seen this comming about a week out, so I had already talked to a friend of mine who worked at Ft Rucker.

    April 2009, I get hired in as an avionics tech at Ft Rucker. Working on (U/E) H-60A/L/M Blackhawk helicopters. This is where I have been ever since. I currently work in the Phased 720 hour inspection Hangar at Cairns Army Airfield. (KOZR)
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    Welcome, and thanks for sharing your history.

    Larry N.

    As Skylab would say:
    Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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