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Thread: FSX Jetways for FS9 aircraft

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    Question FSX Jetways for FS9 aircraft

    This topic is probably a dead horse but I couldn't find an answer to this specific question.

    With the advent of FsDreamTeam's GSX and its reliance on the default Jetway animation I have started to care more about my add-on aircraft having assigned exits. I attempted to add the exit parameters in the aircraft.cfg for a 767 I have. After adding the parameters as I have done many times before I discover that it didn't make the Jetway work. While trying to improve the model in general I was playing around with some of the files and discovered the model was ported over from FS9 so my question is this.

    If the aircraft was originally made for FS9 is there anything I can do to get the Jetway to work or am I just doing something wrong?


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    FSX only reads the aircraft.cfg [Exits] description. It doesn't know, nor care, what the model version is.
    There possibly is code, in the portover, that disables the Jetway's function somehow, but, I doubt it.
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    Agree with Don! I have some aircraft that were done over to use in FSX from FS2004 and the jetways always seem to work OK for me.
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