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Thread: The Real Concorde Flight Simulator

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    Default The Real Concorde Flight Simulator

    This is the Real Concorde Flight Simulator that is now Located at Brooklands Museum Weybridge England UK

    It Uses a Modified Form of FS2004 For visuals and controlls!

    It Has been Resurected by a Team of Volunteers of which i am a Small Part it is Now a fixed Base SIM

    The Dash all the Engine Guages Work The Auto Pilot Throttles Main Guages Artifical Horizons Pressure Guages brakes Nose and visor Gear and load more Stuff

    A View of the Screen from the Pilots seat through the Real Cockpit Glass

    Part of the Access Panells to the Sim

    The Flight Sim Test Pattern

    The Pilots Landing Aid (Pencil) As Fitted by the Real Concorde Pilots!

    This is inside the Museums Real Concorde out side G-BBDG / 202

    More in a Bit
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    A bit more on the Sim!

    A video of my Fellow Volunteer Dave Flying the Sim on a Test Flight Testing the Fuel System!

    The Teams Youngesr Volunteer Doing Tower Bridge on a Test Flight

    The Fuel System Working

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    Great post. i live near Brooklands and must book a session on the sim.....when I have saved up !


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    Can you provide more info on the "pencil" landing aid? where/how was it attached, why, how it worked, etc.

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    The Pencil is attached directly over the centre of the Nose so when the Nose is Lowerd to Landing Position 12.5 Degrees it casts a Shadow on the End of the runway.

    There are Three LCD Projectors above and Behind the Cokpit the Centre one Casts the Shadow for the Pencil!

    If you Lign that Shadow up with the Runway Centre Line you will Land rite inn the middle of the Runway!.

    It is Still Attached and is used on a Weekly Bassis. I am not sure how it was Attached as i was not Present the Day it was Fitted!

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    Thanks Bone! Somehow I when you said, ..."as fitted by real Concorde pilots" I was thinking they did this on the real plane too, not just the sim - duh!! It's still early here so I'll wake up shortly.

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    There are a Massive amount of Photos on the restoration on line i am supprised that no one Noticed it going on !

    The French one is being Restored in Tolouse to go into the Museum that is growing down there also Fixed Base!

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    This Photo Archive is my freind James"s Concorde and the Real Flight Sim Restoration is Coverd in this Part

    This is the XPI Interface Box!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I had the pleasure some time ago to attend a fascinating talk given by the captain who flew the very last Concorde flight. That was from Heathrow to Bristol Filton where it is now preserved. He showed a number of photos and videos that were not at that time released to the public domain.

    It's a pity that the aircraft was eventually taken out of service although I'm not sorry to say goodbye to the horrendous noise it made when it passed over my house about 3 minutes after takeoff.


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    Concorde was Throttled back 3 Minutes after Take OFF So the RE-HEATS would have been OFF if they had been on you would have been Deafend a lot More and the RE-Heats would have lit up your Night Time a lot!

    Night take OFF

    The Sim being Test Flown by a real BA Concorde Crew!
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