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Thread: My 1,000th Photo on - low Maho Beach approach

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    Default My 1,000th Photo on - low Maho Beach approach


    Here's my first post...a photo I took during my trip to SXM/TNCM a month ago. It was one of the lowest commercial jet approaches, if not the lowest I've seen over Maho Beach in 3 years of going there. Normally, Copa is the star of the show, but this year, it was a US Airways A319:

    This also marks my 1,000th photo on I will be posting more, from SXM, MIA, and the Northeast US.

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    It's a great photo Cary, congratulations.

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    Welcome Cary,

    Thank you for posting and we do look forward to you posting more photos. is a nice site and has a lot of nice photos. We welcome you to post more here as well and hope you do. I encourage you to advertise FlightSim.Com as well as in your travels and posts.

    The first time I saw one of these photos taken on Maho Beach I thought for sure it was something somone did in Photoshop. I checked out snopes and found out it was real. Since that time I've learned and enjoyed the crazy spectator sport of being blown around in the JetBlast, getting your eyeballs sandblasted and possibly even getting your eardrums blown out! Amazing fun I'm sure.

    I did a reverse image search on your photo and found your FaceBook page for Aeropx and your Aeroopx website. You have a got a great collection.

    You can find some insane crazy videos of landings at the St. Maarten Princess Juliana Int'l Airport from Maho Beach on YouTube of course. Here are a couple that make me never want to go there ...

    People getting blown by the jet blast and trying to hang onto the fence

    Boeing 747 landing

    Gulfstream comes in crazy low

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    Many thanks for the kind words and the welcome The low approaches are definitely always the highlight of my trips to SXM. I was lucky enough to see 3 very low commercial jet arrivals this year (the US Airways, a JetBlue ERJ-190, and a Copa 737-900). It's funny how some people immediately write off Maho Beach pictures as fakes, without doing any research (and this photo was called a fake by a few people on's FB page). If they even bothered to click on the registration number, they could see that another photographer captured the same arrival from another angle
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