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Thread: Best virtual airline

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    Southwest Virtual Airlines is one of the best because

    1)No testing requirements

    2)Flies only 4 variants of the Boeing 737...B733/735/737/738

    3)Weekly updated flight schedules only from Southwest Airlines real world routes.(CURRENT)

    4) At least 10-120+ pilots logged in daily. Very active.

    5)All schedules can either be booked via the main site or in LUVCARS. LUVCARS files PIREPS when "Submit Flight" mouse clicked AFTER parking brake is set and engines OFF.Manual PIREPS via the website acceptable if route flown on VATSIM.

    6)VATSIM encourage not a requirement

    7)Friendly people. They help you in anyway possible.

    8)Extremely active Teamspeak channel.(ACTIVE MEMBERS ONLY!)

    9)They love group flights They are flown on VATSIM. Company Flights. Individuals will invite to join a flight with them. Usually on Teamspeak.

    That's just to name a few. I hope you find it nice as I have.

    PS. I am NOT a staff member there. I am only a pilot submitting this on my own free will because I think Southwest Virtual deserves more PR. They work hard keeping the ball rolling.

    (no i am not providing my SWA ID)
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    Not that I am interested in joining a VA maybe the Southwest in the future but I had a few umm lets say darker ideas for an airline..

    1. Smuggling "Contraband" from south america. Like coke, human trafficking, marijuana hahaha could call the airline "Sky Pirates"
    2. Prostitution flights. Rig out a Boeing BBJ with a buffet line of women, some private rooms and high profile figures and ofcourse hidden cameras so that you can blackmail people like government politicians and the like. Or for those couples that have always wanted to join the mile high club.. Infact you could name it the Mile High Club airways..

    So Im dark and twisted inside so please dont take me seriously unless you are looking for a 737-800 pilot Id be happy to do trade work..

    lol have a nice day...

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