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Thread: Contrails / engine smoke appear as black blocks / lines

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    Default Contrails / engine smoke appear as black blocks / lines

    Good morning,

    I run Acceleration SP2 on the following PC:
    Intel i3 3GHz
    Nvidia GeForce GTS 250
    4GB RAM
    150G HD with 20G spare / open space.

    FSX runs very smoothly on this machine, but I've recently noticed that the engine smoke / landing smoke appears as black blocks, the contrails are black lines, not white "smoke".

    I have not changed anything to my system, (used to be okay) except for loading Europe UTX and America GEX scenery.

    Does anybody perhaps know what the problem is ?

    Kind regards,

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    I have downloaded GAUGES_RECOVERY_FSX.ZIP and this have solved all my problems - including light effects which I never knew existed !

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