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    Default Software & Hardware Compatibility List

    This will be a list of Software and Hardware that is compatible with P3D. The products are either specifically authorized by the developer or they have expressed no comment as to their use. Products specifically prohibited are not licensed for use in P3D.

    If you've bought or downloaded something that works well and think others would enjoy it, tell us about it so we can add it. Freeware or Payware (it's nice to let people know all the options).

    Clicking on the links below that go to the FlightSim.Com PilotShop will provide you with excellent screen shots, descriptions, videos and user reviews of the products listed.


    Curtiss Reid Rambler MK. III by Craig Richardson - Article [1]

    Northwest Airways' Waco Fleet by Vladimir Gonchar - Article [1]

    Curtiss Jenny by David Grindele - Article [1]

    T-6 Texan by Virtavia Aircraft & Cockpit Photos [1]

    T-6A Texan II by Iris Simulations - Aircraft Photo [1] Cockpit Photos [2]

    A-10 Thunderbolt II Warthog Photos [1]

    C310R Light GA Twin by MilViz Photos [1]

    Civilian Mustang by A2A Simulations Photos [1][2][3][4]

    Airbus X (A320/321) by Aerosoft Photos [1][2][3][4]

    B-17 Flying Fortress by A2A Photos [1]

    De Havilland Canada (DHC-6) Twin Otter by Aerosoft - (vgbaron) Photos [1]

    Basler BT-67 Turboprop -- (vgbaron) Paintkit Repaints Photos [1] [2]

    B58 Baron by Carenado - (henri5)

    F-15E Strike Eagle & Cessna 310R by Milviz Flight Simulations - (vgbaron)

    The Ultimate 757 Collection by Quality Wings Simulation

    The Ultimate 146 Collection by Quality Wings - (Arismac)

    Piper Pacer 180 by Lionheart Creations - (Thunderchicken) Photos [1] [2]

    Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet by FlightSim Developers - (vgbaron) Screen Shots

    All Aircraft by A2A Simulations – (johnan)

    B200 King Air HD Series by Carenado - (vgbaron)

    Cessna Citation X by Wilco - (Arismac)

    P-51 by A2A Simulations - (vgbaron) Screen Shot

    PBY Catalina X by Aerosoft - (vgbaron) - Photos [1]

    Air Greenland DeHavilland Dash 7-102] -- (johnan) Photos [1]

    Piaggio P-180 Avanti - Freeware - (vgbaron)

    FSX ATO Waco - (vgbaron) - Photos [1]
    Note: VC is not clickable.

    Lionheart Creations Quest Kodiak - (vgbaron) - Photos[1]

    Dornier Seastar - Photos [1]
    Note: VC has some inoperative clickspots

    Mindstar G1000 - (TWHarrell)

    The Ultimate 146 Collection is fully compatible with P3D. Details can be found here. (OnoDE)


    P3D North American Sightseeing Tour - (vgbaron)

    P3D European Sightseeing Trip - (vgbaron)

    Discover America and Discover Europe Flightplans by First Class Simulations - (vgbaron)


    CH Flight Sim Yoke - (vgbaron)

    CH Rudder - (vgbaron)

    CH Throttle Quadrant - (vgbaron)

    Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel – (johnan) Review

    Saitek – Pro Flight Multi Panel – (johnan) Review

    Saitek – Pro Flight Radio Panel – (johnan) Review

    Saitek Backlit Information Panel -- (johnan) Review

    Saitek Flight Instrument Panel – (johnan) Review

    Saitek – Pro Flight Rudder Pedals – (johnan) Review

    Saitek - Throttle quadrants – (johnan) Review

    Saitek – Pro-Flight Cessna Yoke System – (johnan) Review

    x52 Pro Joystick - (johnan)

    Scenery & Weather

    AI Carriers - Download from Library - (fsxttcb)

    FS Global Ultimate: Asia/Oceania by Pilots - Photos [1] - (Thunderchicken)

    VFR Photographic Scenery Voluem 1 - Southern England & South Wales - Photos [1]

    All Orbx Scenery - (johnan, Arismac)

    Mega Cities Series by Aerosoft - (clutchcargo)

    Ultimate Night Environment X by Zinertek Technologies - (clutchcargo)

    Fscene – TotalPack 4x for Prepar3D - (henri5)

    HiFi Technologies Active Sky 2012 - (vgbaron)

    OpusFSX Flight Simulator
    Interface for FSX and Prepar3D - (johnan)

    FTX Pacific Northwest Scenery by ORBX - (vgbaron) Photos [1] [2]

    Real Environment Xtreme (REX) Essential Plus w/OverDrive - (johnan)

    VOXATC (V6) - (johnan)

    FSAddon Tongass Fjords Scenery - (vgbaron)

    Aerosoft My Traffic X - (henri5, johnan)
    Additional info - (rockinrobin)


    PMDG 737 NGX Special Bundle Pack by FS2Crew - (Thunderchicken)

    PMDG 737 NGX Captain Set by FS2Crew - (Thunderchicken)

    RAAS Professional by FS2Crew - (Thunderchicken)

    Flightdeck SFX Panel - (clutchcargo)


    FSX to Prepar3D Migration Tool by Estonia - (vgbaron, johnan)

    Flight Sim Commander by Aerosoft - (johnan)

    SimLauncher by Maarten Boelens - (vgbaron)

    Plan G by TA Software - (henri5)

    If you don't see something on this list and you use it with Prepar3D, post a thread in the forums and tell us about. We will get it on the list.

    If you see something that is not on the list, post it and we will add it.


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