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Thread: (New) Douglas C47-A for FSX

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    Hello there.

    I've been messing around with the DC-3 max model from the SDK, to see how far I could go, upgrading the ingame version with a bit more detailed models and texture capabilities.

    I made particular use of "decals" for airline logos, nose art, and fuselage/wing/tail numbers which makes it very easy to create diferent liveries just by editing/creating decals textures.

    As I said, at the begining, this was more of an experimental work, but it became consistent enough to be used as any other new aircraft add-on. I know there are already some very good C-47/DC-3 products on the market, but one can never have too many DC-3s, right?

    You can download it here.

    Hope you enjoy.

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    I already downloaded it a few days ago, and I can attest to the fact it is indeed a wonderful version of the Douglas DC-3 aircraft. I like it very much. Thanks for creating this version Joao. Great job!!! ~Glenn
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