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Thread: CFS#1 (first one) compatibility with Windows XP

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    Default CFS#1 (first one) compatibility with Windows XP

    I've spent many hours attempting to get Windows 7 to accept a controller in CFS#1 without success. I can buy a rebuilt XP computer, but only if CFS will work in it without controller problems. I believe that I used to play CFS#1 in Windows XP when it was the latest OS, but that was long ago and I can't remember for sure. Can anyone help me? I loved CFS#1 and have purchased and trashed all others since.

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    CFS1 vs windows 7 fix at the Free Flight Site, CFS1 utilities top of page

    And yes, no problem with XP what so ever

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    I didn't know about the Win7 issue with CFS1. As for XP, I used CH Products Controller Manager, set up to run in Mapped mode, not Direct mode. Never had any issues as long as I used the Controller Manager. Let me know if that doesn't help.
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