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    Default Forum Use Agreement

    This forum has been setup for the discussion of the product Prepar3D® by Lockheed Martin and all that it entails.

    We know that most people realize this already and understand and act responsibly online and in forums. However, we ask you to read these rules over so you have something to point to when someone else doesn't realize them. If you can think of something we can add, send it to us. Rules are always so much fun to read

    By using this forum you understand and agree to abide by the following statements:

    1) FlightSim.Com, its owner, partners, moderators, helpers, and contributors will not be held liable in anyway for messages posted on these forums. You use these forums at your own risk, without recourse to those mentioned above. You also understand the messages are the views of the people that posted them and not necesarily those of FlightSim.Com.

    2) You understand that we can delete, move, copy, quote or use your messages in anyway we feel necessary and the messages in this forum may be moderated at times and not moderated at others.

    3) Kindly refrain from starting flames with harsh statements, attacks of any kind, profanity and all types of responses that would be non-productive or non-informative to the general use of the forum.

    4) Please read and understand the restrictions of use that comes with using the Prepar3D® product. This product comes with a different end user license than that of other personal/consumer products used for flight simulation entertainment.

    5) Any and all messages that encourage the use of Prepar3D® in ways that violate their end user agreements will be deleted when brought to our attention.

    6) Any and all messages that encourage the hacking of third-party products for use in Prepar3D® against the intentions of the developer will be deleted when brought to our attention.

    7) Please remember that FlightSim.Com, Inc. has to run as a business and when you do things that interrupt and interfere with the smooth flow of that business you become liable and responsible for helping to do damage to the operation of that business. We are here to support the productive efforts of the freeware and payware developers and YOU!
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