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Thread: My OOM Dilemma...Yours?

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    Default My OOM Dilemma...Yours?

    OOMs do not necessarily mean too much Virtual Memory addressing. A single duff add-on file can cause them.

    I did a complete re-install, so I knew I had default everything. I set everything to max, and ticked, again.
    It would run with my locked 30FPS at altitude, and mid teen frame rates at the high-def airports on the ground.

    I reinstalled all of my AI Aircraft and AI flight plans. With traffic sliders at 20% and flying in various locations in Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia, I got OOMs. North and South America = no OOM. Weird.
    Flying into a region, or spawning there made no difference.
    It was definately Traffic related. Nary an issue without my AI enabled via the scenery library.
    With 718 AI flight plans, and almost 19GB of AI Aircraft, it was a chore to isolate(a full day), but I found it!

    I have my WOAI Airliners segregated into Alpha-Numeric folders to assist in troubleshooting. Highly recommended.
    A traffic, B-G traffic, H-N traffic, Numerical Traffic, GA traffic, and, MAIW traffic folders were fine.
    O-Z Traffic enabled = OOM.
    Then it was just a matter of using batches of the O-Z files until the OOM appeared.
    Then removing smaller, and smaller, batches finally isolated it.
    I had "batch" converted all of my WOAI FS9 FPs to FSX, using AIFP, and for some reason "Quantas Summer '09" converted to "0 Bytes".
    Nothing in it! Zilch, none, nada. Re-did it, and... Voilà! Max settings everywhere again and no OOM.
    Of course, with everything maxed, FPS dropped like a rock! 9-10...
    I now have my settings tuned for mid-high teens, parked at Kennedy.

    Too much Memory use had nothing to do with my OOM problem.
    I assumed(wrong) that I was overwhelming the address register when I was flying in those areas, with things cranked up. Reducing the sliders to less than what my old 2GB machine would run, did not kill the OOMs.

    Hopefully my OOM troubleshooting experience will help other folks cure theirs. Another one for my notebook...Don
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    Kind of like the empty scenery folders in FS04 causing OOMs!!

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    Hi there,
    You just made my night! FS9 would not load and the error box told me that the memory was low and to run disc cleanup. Having run all the standard checks Googled it and got some pretty serious IT fixes I thought it best to look at the Sim community. I checked my folders as above but all had files. I then checked the last few that I downloaded and had a hit on the first one. A FSX airport scenery file I downloaded and put in to FS9., realised it was FSX and copied it to FSX without deleting the FS9 copy. This was the culprit and I am delighted to have FS9 back. OOM gone. Thanks.

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