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Thread: Cruising Along Florida's Southeast Beach Coast

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    Cool Cruising Along Florida's Southeast Beach Coast

    Shalom and greetings all my pals,

    Here is very scenic cruising flight above Florida's famous coastal highway route 1A along Florida's southeastern beach coast from KMCO Orlando International Airport better known as official Disney airport located 6 miles southeast of the central business district of Orlando to MKJP Norman Manley International Airport located on the Palisadoes tombolo in outer Kingston Harbour in Kingston, Jamaica.

    Plane being boarded with vacationing families wearing their goofy Mickey Mouse hats for return trip to Kingston

    Apparently KMCO airport controllers do not trust aging engines of my 727 so they sent fire truck to keep eye on my engines during its start

    Taxiing past some airport pond on way to short of runway 17R

    Entering into runway 17R for take off via GUASP2 departure

    Airborne on climb to FL330 with wing view of background of KMCO and highway route 417 below the wing

    Making left turn to head to VALKA with background view of Cypress Lake with river conecting to Lake Hatchineha

    Still climbing to FL330 with background view of Lake Washington and River Lakes Conservation Area just north of lake below front of the plane and Indian Harbour Beach below the nose of the plane

    Passing KMLB Melbourne International Airport airport located 2 miles northwest of the downtown business district of Melbourne

    Intercepting VALKA above park of Snagg Point and heading to VRB to start cruise along Florida Highway 1A

    Passing rich lushful green forest of St Sebastian River Preserve State Park located three miles north of Fellsmere

    Because of regulations of the forums not allowing more than 10 screenshots per post, please be kind enough to go to this hyperlink as seen below to view rest of gorgeous scenic cruise along Florida's southeast beach coast.

    Here is link:

    Thank you for viewing and stay tuned for next exciting flight!!



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    Fine shots of that pretty Air Jamaica bird. Nice work.

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    Clear crispy screen shots there buddy.......

    Kin M.

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    NMLW and Talong7,

    Thanks for your kind words!!



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    Nice shots, aharon, and Happy Chanukah!

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    Thanks for your kind words and you too!!



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    Aharon, nice shots my friend. Warms me up!
    Keep the blue side up,
    "You haven't seen a tree until you've seen its shadow from the sky." Amelia Earhart

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    I like your Melbourne International Airport !! I didn't know there was more one

    great pics nice bird

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    Thanks Northstar and Miloguy for kind words!!

    Northstar, I posted a question for you on your screenshot post.



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