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Thread: Pilot Profile: Tom McHowat

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    Default Pilot Profile: Tom McHowat

    Hi guys,

    Obviously my name is Tom, I'm 25 and have been on these forums since I was a teenager. I'm lucky enough to spend my working days in the right hand seat of the 737-800.

    The road there was fairly long, stressful and expensive. I did a PPL in Australia when I was 18, flying the Cessna 152 and 172. After that I went to University in the UK where I got a Geography degree. I then went to Oxford Aviation Academy where I got a degree in Air Transport Management and my frozen ATPL (not a term many Americans are familiar with - it's a CPL with instrument rating, multi-crew course complete and ATPL ground exams). I flew the Piper Warrior for foundation flying, then moved on to the Piper Seneca for the instrument rating. After that I did my multi-crew and jet orientation courses on a full motion 737-400 simulator. I started applying for jobs as soon as I finished at Oxford, and got called in for an interview with a large Irish airline around a month later. After being selected I did my type rating on the 737-800 at East Midlands airport in the UK, and now spend my days flying it all over Europe.

    It's fast paced and stressful at times, but there are certainly worse ways to spend your day at work
    Tom - 737-800 F/O
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    Hey Tom, it seems like you've been around these forums forever and we've all watched you advance in your flying career. It's great to see you've gotten so far at a pretty early age.

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    I agree with Nels -- it's been great watching you grow up and make aviation progress over the years. Thanks for sharing all your progress with us as each stage came along, from getting your Private to getting hired by an airline to some nice words about your training. Best of luck.

    Larry N.

    As Skylab would say:
    Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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    Make that three of us in the peanut gallery. It has been wonderful watching you progress in your career endeavor.
    You can be quite proud of your accomplishments Tom. Well done, Young Sir!
    I couldn't think of a better way to spend time at "work" either!...Don
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    I'd like to thank you for creating your profile in the new Pilots & Profiles sub-forum. Your support of what we do means a lot to everyone. You have the respect of some really great people and definitely should feel proud.

    If you get a chance to post a story about a recent flight, or a typical day, or some photos of the planes you fly, or anything you would like to talk about, I know we would all be interested. Even if its a simple log of when you got up that morning, time you arrived at the airport, what type of plane you were getting on that day, where you were flying. When you landed and anything you find interesting about the flight.

    I'm sure many pilots live through the stories of other active pilots and are interested in what is different about flying commercial aircraft now then it was when they flew. Many others, like myself just love to hear the stories. Every time I get on a commercial jet, walk down the Jetway and into the cabin, I always glance in at the cockpit. I think to myself, wow, imagine actually being the guy who sits down there and flys all these people to their destination. So many people take it for granted, I'm fascinated by it.
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