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    At a ripe young age of 8 I was introduced to the flying world that was really not intended.

    A relative, who is not a pilot, decided to treat myself and cousins to an airplane ride. Since I was the oldest of the children I got to sit shotgun. On the return trip back to the private airstrip the pilot said, do you want to fly? What 8 year old boy wouldn't?! After that I was fascinated with airplanes.

    Now my career is in aviation as a First Officer for a US carrier. As I write this I just finished a taxing 4-day trip across the mid-west. My experience so far includes the DeHavilland DHC-8 and currently the Embrear EMB145. I have over 3600 hours of turbine time and 3900 total time. During flight training I've flown C172, PA28, C210, and BE58. I have the ATP certification with type ratings in both the EMB145 and DHC-8. I have been flying for the airlines over 6 years now and never have a dull moment during any trip. I've already had my share of emergency scenarios ranging from flight control malfunctions to engine malfunctions.

    My time with FS started back in the MSFS5.1 days. Since then my fix for flying has been fulfilled while at home. I hope to someday afford a private aircraft. But until then this is my hobby and look forward to flying friends and family outside of work and flying much bigger aluminum. (or carbon?)

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    When I read a profile like this I just can only imagine the wealth of experience you have had in the air. Makes me want to hear way more and I can think of a million questions to ask you. Please pick one of those emergencies and write a post about it. I really would love to hear more about one. My instructor always use to make me practice those (Never turning the engine off in the C172 of course) but he told me stories of his experience landing aircraft that had lost their engine. It always amazed me how fast a pilot can think when he has too.

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