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Thread: What Should I Write About? I Need Ideas...

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    Default What Should I Write About? I Need Ideas...

    For those of you who would like to contribute to this forum, I've put together a few ideas on what to write about. If you think of other things you would like to add, please feel free to include them. Also feel free to chat and talk in this forum because it's open to discussion from non-pilots as well as certified pilots. But it's main theme is the stories, experiences and discussion about being involved in aviation.

    Please note: The profile does not have to contain any PERSONAL information like your real name or where you live or work or even the company that employees you. It's about your involvement in aviation, what you've done, what you've worked with, where you've been and things you remember or enjoy the most.

    What type of aircraft have you flown, maintained, or worked around?
    Did you ever learn to fly and where and what kind of aircraft?
    How long have you been flying?
    What type of aircraft have you flown and what is your favorite?
    Tell us about any aircraft you own or have owned.
    Feel free to post photos of aircraft you own, or have worked on.
    What part of aviation have you been involved in, commercial, military, design, repair, hobby, etc.?
    What organizations are you involved in such as Young Eagle programs, AOPA, EAA, etc.?
    Talk about your favorite aviation magazines and/or books you've read and how they have helped you or what they have taught you.
    Starting threads on any real life aviation experiences is always welcome.
    Student pilots are welcome here, feel free to post your experiences and I'm sure many of us will relive those days with you and even have advice.
    If you are an instructor, mechanic, avionics technician, fly an F-18 Hornet, Cessna 152 or ultralight we want to hear about it.

    It's time we learn about how you're involved in real life aviation …

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