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    Hi all, just purchased the stunning new Carenado B200. This is my first Carenado. Very nice aircraft. I was looking through some of the folders and did not see any for navigation.
    I was wondering if Carenado can use the Navigraph data sets. Has anyone else found a solution? Thanks.

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    No. You can either buy the Reality XP GNS 530W and run that (which has a faily recent 2011 database) or stick with the default GPS500 database.

    If you go to Navigraph's site it should say which planes have their service. Usually only airliner/regional planes do but there are some exceptions like Flight1's C182 and C510 Mustang. I'm a GA flyer myself so I bought the RXP units (both 430w and 530w) because a lot of native FSX addons have that support.

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