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Thread: To blue or not to blue

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    Default To blue or not to blue

    Does the "blue" version of FSX/FTX Pacific Northwest REPLACE or ADD-ON to the original Pacific Northwest?

    I have been unable to answer this question by Google searches and filling out the contact form at twice.

    I would like to get the latest and greatest version of Orbx/FSX/FTX Pacific Northwest. The orginal is still sold alongside the blue version. Does one need both, or does the "blue" version include everything needed. Orbx's marketing on this issue is very confusing.


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    Looking at the names: PNW_Blue, NRM_Blue, PFJ_Blue... these are separate regions- Pacific NW, Northern Rocky Mts, Pacific Fjords etc. Read the complete descriptions for clarification. They are adjacent to each other; no overlap.

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