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Thread: How do I get a camera outside the aircraft (world camera)

  1. Question How do I get a camera outside the aircraft (world camera)

    I want to be able to go outside of the aircraft so I can record views of the aircraft flying over the camera. I tried using EZCA, but sadly I found out it doesn't actually have a function like that. They all move with the aircraft. I tried EZWC and I have no clue how it works. Can anyone tell me how I can get a world camera so I can move around and record my aircraft flying by? Thank you!

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    many answers in the SDK (that's what it's for) but here is one I carry in my King Air

    ; guid #1 from sdk
    Title = "Fixed Scenery Camera"
    Guid = {835BFC1C-1A03-994A-A176-49318FEB094E}
    Description = Fixed location camera
    Origin = Fixed
    InstancedBased = No
    SnapPbhAdjust = None
    PanPbhAdjust = Swivel
    PanPbhReturn = False
    ;Track = Track
    Track = None
    ShowAxis = No
    AllowZoom = Yes
    InitialZoom = 1.0
    ZoomPanScalar = 1.0
    SmoothZoomTime = 0.0
    ShowWeather = Yes
    XyzAdjust = TRUE
    XyzRate = 20
    Transition = No
    Category = Scenery
    FixedAltitude=1500 // meters
    InitialPbh=0,0, 24.0

    Drop in a desired aircraft.cfg file, adjust the definition # so there isn't any conflict with another camera.
    To use in flight, set the latitude, longitude and Elevation (in meters); save and reload aircraft and you are ready to go.
    You can also have multiple cameras in an aircraft OR drop them into a SAVED flight and they will be available (but not adjustable) when you load the flight. Read about it in the SDK Camera configuration htm. There are also 4 downloadable samples around the Rochester NY airport.

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