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Thread: Manual calculation of vectors for points in SCASM

  1. Default Manual calculation of vectors for points in SCASM

    I am coding static aircraft in SCASM after dis-assembly of FS98 aircraft. Occasionally I need to add sections to parts such as new fuselage bulkhead perimeter points for new textures. I cannot figure out how to manually calculate the vectors for the new points. I have a spread sheet where I can get the length of the vector from 0,0,0 to the point x,z,y but cannot get the respective vx, vz or vy values. I have tried using already established vector values from other points but can't figure out the basis of the "normalize" to the 32767 value from the SCASM documentation.

    I've tried looking at math and physics sites but nothing there makes sense.

    Here are the first 5 points in the points list

    0 16 3629 0 7755 28921
    50 81 3589 4609 14180 28623
    -50 81 3589 -4657 14240 28585
    -75 59 3589 -13024 4454 29071
    0 12 3629 0 0 28912

    I would appreciate any help - especially how to set up the calculations in MS Excel!

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    I to was mystified by these numbers vx,vy, vz +.dist from ref point . and how they were figured out. I would try this enter your new
    points as vecpoints and use ' a ' for automatic vector calculation by scasm when you rebuild model in mlddis.exe wmgillies-fs archeology.

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