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Thread: AES 2.24 - Tropicalsim Bilbao (LEBB)

  1. Exclamation AES 2.24 - Tropicalsim Bilbao (LEBB)

    Hello flightsimmers,

    Can anyone help me towards a link for a patch to make Tropicalsim Bilbao compatible with AES 2.24?
    Apparently, the oh-so-important file "lebbx_jetwayplacer.BGL" is missing in my scenery file, that's also why AES standard doesn't recognize my Original Tropicalsim Bilbao.

    Can somebody point me in the right direction or tell me how he/she got it working?
    I allready looked for weeks aroumd on various forums/site's/shops, and nothing seems to come up.
    I know it has been made compatible since AES 2.09, and officially still is, but for this missing file i can't assign "credits" to it.

    Anyone can help me out?

    Thanks, Grtz, Co-Pilot Diego.

  2. Default

    Well, never mind, i found a good work-around by playing around with the files.
    For people who have Tropicalsim Bilbao v1.0 (or v1.1) and can't get their AES 2.24 (or any AES from v2.10 on)
    to work, here is a good solution that will help you out:

    1) Go to your main FS9 Folder into the Tropicalsim/LEBBx folder.
    2) Go into the Scenery folder.
    3) Find the file 'lebbx_flags.bgl'. Make a copy of this file in this same folder.
    4) Rename this copy of 'lebbx_flags.bgl' to 'lebbx_jetwayplacer.bgl'. Now exit out.
    5) Now open AESHelp.exe, wait for the menu, and add your (2) credits to 'Tropicalsim Bilbao'.
    6) Click 'Save & Exit'.
    7) By the next restart of FS9, your AES-trucks will be waiting for you at LEBB.

    Happy Flights, Safe Landings, Co-Pilot Diego.

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