KEUG Virtual FBO is proud to officially announce its new online flight training videos. These videos are made for FBO members, to give them a easy way to review and go over some of the basic concepts that are discussed in the Flight Training program at the FBO. These videos are being produced by the cinematographers at KEUG Virtual, and are expected to be released every other day. The videos will cover all ratings at KEUG Virtual: Private Pilot, Instrument, Multi Engine, Commercial, Taildragger Endorsement, and Glider Private Pilot. The videos will come in a 10-20 part series for each rating. At this time three videos have been released for the virtual private pilot rating. These videos are for the public to see and use; they are not anywhere near perfect, moreover they are not designed to substitute for any real-world training. Overall though, these videos can and should help many people improve their FS flying abilities and skills.

The Playlist can be viewed here:

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