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Thread: A340-freeware AP problem ...

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    Default A340-freeware AP problem ...

    First off AP is really awesome when u just wanted to veiw around the plane and enjoy the texture and weather...i am currently having problem with AP ... it doesnt hold altitude and the A340 nose keep going up and down ... like diving and climbing constantly ... I have to set off AP and control it by manually until im at the ALT ATC told me to hold.. but it almost impossible to let AP to climb by it self into the set ALT>....i read somewhere that said in order to turn on AP for HDG and ALT hold u must set it first to the value u want and then turn on FLight DIrector on then u press HDG Hold and ALt is that correct ??? or how to turn on AP for A340-600 then

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    Could you specify which freeware A340 you downloaded, there are a lot of them.

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    if u type in the virgin a340-600 in catergory of fsx jetliner... the first complete virgin a340-600 i download that one... and man it not even a complete aircraft a check shouldnt be there... cause the out side is complete , but the panel and light are not.. i have to copy my other existing thomas ruth panel , lighteffect , and sound for the virgin a340to work.. wel now everything work.. just that now the AP work but sometime doesnt..and problem above occur

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    Hi All,
    Absolutely beautiful aircraft, delighted. BUT... I have the same issue with the Arrow Cargo A340 and issues also with this and the Air Arik A340 which has non working overhead panel switches (except strobe) and no levers on the flaps and speed brakes.
    Sorry to hijack your post, I not getting an add post button on the forum.

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