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Thread: can anyone help me with my FSX

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    Default can anyone help me with my FSX

    i want to learn how to add addon to my i want to get new plane new airline commercial ... that it...and how to add them onto the game..and what folder and how to get there...!!! can anone help me ?

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    There are several types of addons. Planes, scenery, textures for planes, textures for the sim, panels, sounds, gauges... What exactly do you want to know?

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    i have no idea how to add addon to the game and wher do i put the
    i want scenery overall--real awesome scenery like water effect / terrain effect / rain snow tree , and mostly i want killer
    and planes i want like different airline / different planes like A380-800 , other plane too 777-400 and stuff..( not just orbit, pacifica, and world travel... ) like cathay paficic / eva/ quantas/ and other planes.
    second some addon to make the environtment to be more better....

    i dont know why there is one member tell me to change my augogen to autogen of FS2004..i dont get it..

    he have a 3.6ghz i have a 3.5 ghz if turbo boost turn on... and he have a same graphic cards as me . and i just have moe ram then him
    but would like to get this ..if close to it ill be happy .. but mostly i want to have new planes...
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    Go to Articles-How To and it will give you all the information on how to add aircraft and scenery.
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