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Thread: My first FSX movie

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    LBProdsWEB Guest

    Smile My first FSX movie

    Hello guys,

    Today I finished my first FSX Name:  image.jpg
Views: 239
Size:  2.0 KB!

    In just a few days I made it.
    There is one problem, when Fraps starts recordingt the FSX framerates drops from 25 to 12 but it is ok. Except for one plane, that drops from 45 to 22.
    But I liked it.

    You can watch the video here or in the post below.

    Don't forget to Rate, Comment and Subscribe

    See u later!!!

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    LBProdsWEB Guest


    Hi there!

    My first FSX Name:  image.jpg
Views: 175
Size:  2.0 KB is online!!!

    Watch it here:

    Please Leave a Comment!!!

    See you next time,


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    LBProdsWEB Guest


    Thank you!

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