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Thread: Just Flight C-130 Refueling - AI Tanker not visible

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    Question Just Flight C-130 Refueling - AI Tanker not visible

    Having a problem with refueling module. AI tanker is not visible. The "tape" displays, shows my position ( < 1 mile, heading same as my AC)relative the the tanker, and I am within range. Audio states "clear join behind" so I should be seeing the tanker, yet it doesn't show.

    Other random AI aircraft are appearing during this time. I have Win 7, Support had me try running in XP SP2 compatability mode, no luck. Anyone else having this problem.

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    If the tanker is there but not visible (as distinct from not being there ) then one thing to check is the bit-size of the textures. If they are 16-bit they will not show, other sizes will. Wanna check that and report back?

    Steve from Mudgee

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