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Thread: Second monitor and a hand saw, no problem

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    dadnerd Guest

    Default Second monitor and a hand saw, no problem

    This is definately cool. All you need is a hand saw $8.00 HD and a little nerve. Make sure the wife is outta town before attempting this.
    Well, a picture is worth ....

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    Default RE: Second monitor and a hand saw, no problem

    Yep, very cool indeed. I am running 3 monitors and didn't know you could move the instrument panel to a different monitor. I just tried it and it's a lot of fun running FS2002 that way.

    What city are you flying over that's being displayed on the upper monitor?

    Rick - KPDX - Private Pilot
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    dadnerd Guest

    Default RE: Second monitor and a hand saw, no problem

    Hello Cascade.
    I can't find the link where I basically stole this idea. He made a simple cockpit, even made a rudder trim wheel by splicing into the yoke, very cool.

    This pic is from Honolulu, some of the most scenic stuff I've seen in FS2002.

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    Default RE: Second monitor and a hand saw, no problem

    I tried this out, and the hand saw worked great on the plastic casing of the monitor, but when it got to the glass picture tube, things went south... the glass shattered and the cut through the tube was anything but straight.

    I'm using a well-made vintage 1920's Disston 10pt cross-cut saw. Should I be using my rip blade instead since I'm cutting along the horizontal length of the monitor?

    How about a Sawz-all?

    :-hmmm Tom

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    dadnerd Guest

    Default Someone grab that guy...

    Three tall, well built men in white jackets, holding a rather large butterfly net, slowly surround Tshannon .
    "Okay wise guy, you've gotten away from us for the last time" the biggest one said, as he tossed the net over the saw wielding, glass wearing, nike shodded escapee. His feeble attempt at escaping, was halted as the net hit it's mark, knocking his glasses across the room. The impact knocked the six pens he had secured in his pocket protector, all over the floor, GOTCHA!

    the above tale is purely fictious. Any similarity to real persons or places, is coincidence. :-)

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