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Thread: FS9 Doors/Cargo Door Assignment Question?

  1. Exclamation FS9 Doors/Cargo Door Assignment Question?

    Hello Flightsimmers!

    Just a quick, but strange question to ask:

    I know its possible to change a lot of keyboard assignments by default in FS9,
    but is it possible to assign another key to opening aircraft's door & cargo doors?
    (Instead of SHIFT+E+1 or SHIFT+E+2?)

    Any help would be really appreciated. It just stresses me out that FS9 reacts whenever it wants
    and however it wants to the commands of open and close (cargo)doors.
    Its horrible, because recently i just got Aerosoft AES 2.21 and obviously i need
    to open the cargo doors and te backdoors for the catering cars!

    Thanks in advance,

    Co-Pilot Diego

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    I believe you can reassign to any key(s) which FS9 accepts (some are reserved and can't be used for any function). Often used are key combinations for concord visor extend, concord visor retract, wing fold, tailhook, and water rudder.

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    While it is possible to change the keystrokes, you cannot change the behavior.

    If you are having problems opening doors you might want to look for in the library and see if it will help.

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    Not all models have every door animated, and many that do use their own unque commands or even special gauges or control panels to activate them. Sometimes it even helps to read the model's or panel's documentation or manual.

    Bean, Thanks for the head's up on that gauge. Just downloaded it, sounds interesting, Rob B has sure added a lot of useful things to my FS9. I had no idea that so many things could interfere with proper exit operation, I'm not sure any have affected me yet, but I have Rob's gauge saved in the folder I keep handy gizmos in just in case.
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    Thanks all of you for the help! (and for the link towards Rob Barendrecht's gauge offcourse!)

    I was really convinced that every door was able to open, but i guess my catering-personal off the Catering-trucks from AES just have to walk through the fuselage of my Wilco A340. Not really realistic, bit still fun to see... ;-)

    Again, bigtime thanks to all for your expertise and guidance!

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    Hi everybody, I'm new here so go easy on me.

    About the openning of doors...
    I tried to open doors with SHIFT+E+1 or SHIFT+E+2, and FS9 is only openning the main door (SHIFT+E). If i'm in the cockpit, then it shows me the panel link to the key (2) when i press SHIFT+E+2 and the main door opens. Is it because i choose the wrong plane or it's because i don't do it right??
    I do press Shift, E, 2 do i have to press the "+" sign because i didn't.
    I have a plane with a panel for openning doors on a A380. But i want to know how to open those doors with keyboard.


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    There is no hard and fast rule as to what keyboard combination will open what doors.

    The basic procedure for the main door is to hold down the "Shift" key and press "E", then release them both. No need to press the "+" key. It is typed "Shift+E" because pressing the "Shift" key alone does nothing and pressing the "E" key alone has to do with the engines, not the doors. You have to press them both to open the door.

    On planes that have more than one door you would do the basic procedure, hold down the "Shift" key and press "E", then quickly release them both, then press "2" or "3" or "4", depending on how many doors the model has and which one you want to open.

    Some developers will create models that have the extra door animations mapped to other functions such as "wing fold", "tailhook", or "spoilers".

    What key combination opens which doors is completely model dependent and should be explained in the readme.

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    Never argue with idiots.
    They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience

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    Thanks for the quick answer, i tought that i was supposed to press the 3 keys at the same time!
    Now i will try that tonight... Hope that it will work.
    Thanks again StringBean.

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    I have tried opening the door with the combination of shift+E but it doesn't worked. Can anyone suggest some another method..??
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    There is usually some form of instruction with the downloaded file where doors are concerned. As StringBean stated just over a year ago, it is model dependent.

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