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    Does anyone know how to do a panel merge, I have the Wilco C208 and the Carenado C208 i want to apply the Wilco 2D panel with out losing the Carendo VC

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    You can fairly easily add the wilco 2D panel to the Carenado but not vice versa. Backup the Carenado panel.cfg; copy all the 2D panel lines from the Wilco panel.cfg (usually everything above the first Vcockpit section) and paste into the Carenado panel.cfg, overwriting the Carenado 2D lines; copy all necessary bmps from the Wilco panel folder to the Carenado panel folder. If there are gauges in the Wilco folder, whether gau files, cab files, or an xml folder, copy these to the Carenado folder (but do not overwrite any gauges there, if that's an issue, copy the gau and/or cab files to the main FS9 gauge folder).

    This should work, if there are no gauge incompatibilities (such as custom gauges linked to a particular aircraft which will not work in another, nav/radio/radar gauges which conflict with ones in the VC, etc.; you can work around such issues by swapping gauges for ones that won't conflict, if that doesn't negate the reason for mixing the panels). The worst that can happen is the plane will CTD the sim when loading, and you can always delete the new panel.cfg and reinstate the original and be back where you started (the extra bmps and gauges in the folder will be ignored so you can leave them).

    If all you want is the Wilco panel graphics but keep the Carenado gauges, there won't be any conflicts, of course, but a bit more work. Do all the above steps except copying the gauges. Open the original panel.cfg in notepad and the new panel.cfg in another notepad side by side, look at the first gauge line in the new cfg and identify the gauge, find the equivalent gauge in the original cfg and copy just the gauge name, paste this into the new cfg overwriting that gauge name. Do this for all the gauges and save; this will replace the Wilco gauges with the Carenado gauges on the new panel graphic and they will be correctly positioned and sized.

    For example the new cfg may have "gauge.1=Wilco_asi, 175,547,40,40" (without quotes)

    in the original cfg you find "gauge.5=Carenado_asi, 210,645,38,38"

    copy just the "Carenado_asi" from the original and paste it over the "Wilco_asi" in the new.

    Chances are the two panels don't have the same number of gauges; if you use all the Carenado gauges and still have Wilco gauges remaining, either delete them or copy those gauges from the Wilco folder; if you fill all the Wilco slots and still have Carenado gauges remaining you'll have to manually add them or leave them out.
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