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Thread: Too many addons

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    Default Too many addons

    Too many planes makes it hard to wait for loading.

    If I split aircraft up in multiple directories (also modify proper cfg file)

    Would this help things to load faster?

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    No, but if you move the planes out that you don't fly much, then FS will load faster. You can always move a plane back in if you want to fly it.

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    is there a step by step on how to do this ????

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    I have moved all non-FSX original aircraft out of my FSX file into a seperate file. When I want to play FSX I move the aircraft I want to fly back into FSX before I launch the programme. This may seem like extra time but the time I save in waiting for FSX to load is worth it (20 mins down to 5 mins).

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    I do this all the time with FS9

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    Have you added on more scenery files? FS reads all the scenery files before starting up; not the aircraft files. I have lots of aircraft on my system and each time I add on more the time is still the same. However add on another scenery file and FS has to re-organise them before starting up in order to see what world it has.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diapason View Post
    FS reads all the scenery files before starting up; not the aircraft files.
    Actually, FS will read all the aircraft files. That is why most of the big commercial traffic addons do not add all their AI planes in the default aircraft folder to save on global loading time.

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