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Thread: One more unhappy attempt at installing DreamFleet A36

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    Default One more unhappy attempt at installing DreamFleet A36

    This seems to be a repeating problem with this software. But here is another request for help.

    Tried to install the A36 into a working FS2004 with already a working GNS430 sim.

    The Reality XP portion did not install - "Could not extract current file, access is denied". when trying to run the A36 (which did install in FS, get the message ""Reality XP Garmin GNS 430 Ver Can't Start The Reality XP Garmin Error: 6425"

    Uninstalled and reinstalled DreamFleet, as well as the GNS sim. Same result. I'm running the current GNS 430 sim downloaded from Garmin, and even tried to reinstall the full DreamFleet installer while the Garmin was not installed.

    Reinstalled the Garmin in C:\GNS430 still no go.

    Now, am I alone in thinking that with all these problems that have occurred many times before, that we may be dealing with a defective product? And isn't it a little strange that the customer has to go through all this trouble and ask for the help of other customers rather than being able to contact a customer service department??

    Really, any help would be appreciated, as well as some opinions on the lack of customer service.

    Thanks to anyone out there on any of these questions.

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    Customer service - Dreamfleet, except for Paul Golding and the 727, is dead and gone. There is no official support and hasn't been for quite a while.

    You haven't given any system specs, but I presume you are running Win7 or Vista. If you are running a 64 bit OS the RXP stuff will not run - the supplied gauges are 16 bit. If you are running a 32 bit system it will but you may need to install the old trainer. For lots of additional info and comment go to the RXP forum at Flight1 and search for "6425".


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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for that info. I wish there had been something telling that on the Dream Fleet website. Flight1 is processing a refund for that product, and I'm going to look into getting the GNS 430 sim straight from Reality XP that's current on their site.

    Any idea on their customer service? And their current GNS430 product. Does it work across the board in FS9, and and does it work with the current Garmin trainer?

    Lastly - thanks to all the folks on this board and other boards like it where people freely give aid to other people without reward. In this increasingly un-personal world where companies are taking less responsibility for their products, the regular people are stepping up.

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    Sure, you're welcome. I don't know why the sales site is kept up or why there is no disclaimer on it. Lou Betti just sort of walked away from it all and never has made any official announcement regarding the company.

    RXP customer service has suffered over the past year or so; Jean-Lu shows up from time to time, but the bulk of the support is provided by a couple of the users who are really quite good with the product. Look over the forum and make up your own mind on what you are willing to live with.

    Yes it does work across the board in FS9 and FSX with the new trainer. I use the Unlimited version (530 and 430 WAAS gauges) in FS9 and FSX and have never had any issues with the product - some folks (a few) do seem to have some problems, but that's true of any add-on. I'm running an i7 920 @ 3.2 GHz under Win7 x64 Pro.

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