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Thread: Traffic X problem

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    Default Traffic X problem

    How to paint all NWA planes into Delte colors and also all old deltas into the new livery too ?
    The same for American West because they mergerd years ago and im still flying with nwa and a-west traffic

    Hope you guys can help me

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    Although I don't use traffic x I think that they will issue an update sooner or later- If you can't wait till then, you can just download all repaints from the file library here

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    Have you used the FSTpaintX that comes with traffic x?

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    Yeah i have but nithing changed
    I will use the repaints from this site now
    Hopeully it works do i need a paticular model for the repaint ??

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    Check the readme of every repaint you download
    it'll list the model(s) needed- may also give a link

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    Ohh okay thanks
    I let you know what happens

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    Have a look at the "Airline Mergers" thread on the Just Flight Traffic X forum. There's details there (a link to another thread) which contains information on how to use the Traffic X Repaint Tool.

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