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Thread: Can FS2000 use .Cab style gauges?

  1. Default Can FS2000 use .Cab style gauges?

    One of the panels I was using for FS2000 installed a .CAB file in the gauges folder. Can Fs2000 use that format or will it
    ignore them?

    Thanks, Guys!


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    Give the panel a try.

    If not then unzip the .cab file and cut and paste the gauge files into the Gauges folder as normal. Then the panel should work fine.

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    Thanks, Jim! I installed about 20 birds today and was cleaning up the gauges folder when I noticed it! I'll have to figure which panel it was for!


    Okay, here's the panel it came from, an FS2k2 panel by Kazunori Ito! The panel is visually missing 8 gauges from the .cab file, so FS2000 doesn't use .cab gauges!! Later today, I'll unarchive the gauges from the archive without the .xml and see if they work! LOL!

    // Panel for Lockheed S-3 Viking
    // by Kazunori Ito
    // [email protected]
    // 2008/09/24
    [Window Titles]
    window00=Main Panel
    window01=GPS Panel
    window02=Auto Pilot

    gauge12=c5a!n1, 659,501,36,134
    gauge13=c5a!n2, 702,501,36,134
    gauge14=c5a!egt, 748,501,30,134
    gauge18=c5a!fuelflow, 790,501,30,134
    gauge28=c5a!gear_nose_light, 12,724,12,11
    gauge29=c5a!gear_left_light, 6,739,12,11
    gauge30=c5a!gear_right_light, 22,739,12,11
    gauge31=c5a!gear_lever, 47,714,22,52
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