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Thread: X-Plane 10.10 !

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    Default X-Plane 10.10 !

    Hi all !

    The new version 10.10 Beta 1 is available:

    It's a Beta: first, test the update on a demo or make a backup of your current version.

    This is the new included oil rig:

    Happy flying !

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    Max where do i find xplane 10.10 when i try to update it updates 10.05

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    In the updater, there should be a check box which you can select to participate in the beta programs.

    Be Warned: It is literally just that - beta. There have been reported stability and performance issues with yesterday's beta release of 10.10b1. Your mileage may vary, but when they say it's a beta... it's a beta!

    If X-Plane is your primary sim, you may wish to tread carefully.

    Good luck!

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    No crash or joystick problem on my system for now, but less FPS than with 10.05. I like the new Columbia 400.

    See the last picture... X-Plane cars still love tailgating.

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    X-Plane 10.10's new oil rig by Khamsin + Jason Chandler's Bell 430 = Amazing simulator !!!

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    Beta 2 is available, and it's much smoother than Beta 1 !

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    Hello !

    X-Plane 10.10 Beta 6 is here:

    Remember: always test a beta on a copy of your X-Plane folder or on a demo. Latest stable version is 10.05.

    Happy flying !

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    Hi Midmax,
    I wonder if you can help me. As a new XP10 user i'm unable to update to Bet6 from 5. I am running the XP10 Global which i purchased a few days ago. I have been able to update from previous Betas. Now it tells me i have latest at Beta 5. I even took my version back to
    the latest non beta and then tried to get to Beta 6 but it told me Beta 5 was the latest.I know i havent got 6 as there is no Flashlight toggle
    option in my View menus.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hello Les !

    Are you using this installer/updater ?

    X-Plane 10.10 Beta 6 brings a very nice features:

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    Quote Originally Posted by MdMax View Post
    Hello Les !

    Are you using this installer/updater ?

    X-Plane 10.10 Beta 6 brings a very nice features:

    Thanks for replying. I am using the latest updater, the same version u directed me to. When it checks the files which
    are currently Beta 5, verified by looking at the log it says i have the latest. Been on to LR and they say they dont know.
    Bit dissappointing being a new user(currently FSX) and being encouraged by what i see in XP10 and not be able to use all
    the goodies.
    I even tried to update the Demo version but it says My current version Beat 5 is the latest.
    By the way im using Win 7 64 bit.
    Thanks again
    P.S even went to the trouble and took it back to stable version and the updated,but it only wanted to take it to Beta 5 and not 6

    Update: Just tried a few days later and all was well. Did nothing diff. If it happens again i will call my ISP and ask some questions.
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