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Thread: FSX 737 Payware Recommendation

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    Default FSX 737 Payware Recommendation

    Hello everyone!
    I am in the market for a good payware plane and have previously been a freeware person, so don't know much about payware aircraft. I am looking for a payware airliner that has the following: wing flex, sound that is top notch, high detail model and VC, made for FSX, and for it to have many addon liveries.
    Now for my computer specs, Core i5 2.30 ghz, 4 gb of RAM, Win 7 64 bit and Intel HD Graphics 3000, for more info about my computer (Mac) see this link: I can usually get between 10-50 fps when on the ground at KLAX during the day with quite a few addons and high settings.
    I have been looking at the PMDG 737NGX. but don't think I can run it, so if anyone uses it with similar specs, please tell me your experience. If I can not run it, I would really like a 736, 737, 738, or 739 recommendation.
    Thanks and Happy 4th of July!
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    Hi There, I have similar specs to you but slightly better, and I can *barely* run the PMDG 737, I definitely would not recommend it for someone with your specs. Sadly, that really is the best FSX payware 737, but i guess Wilco give a decent one, that is better on FPS. If not that well, then I guess you'll have to go to POSKY 737 . Good luck with your search.

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    CoolCall, thanks for the quick responce! What about the iFly 737? Would that work with my computer specs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1234plane View Post
    ...What about the iFly 737? Would that work with my computer specs?

    First, please note that iFly-ngx is also a fairly detailed and complex VC development model. In their forum, there has been much discussion about available frame rates etc. (I suggest you also visit that forum). The good thing is that it will give you all the 737 models (-6/7/8/9/BBJ) in one puchase, though.

    Just FYI and comparision, here are the base (aka: minimum) System Requirements from iFly-737ngx/Flight1:

    Flight Simulator X w/Service Pack 2 (SP2)
    2.6 Mhz Quad-Core Processor
    2 GB of disk space
    4GB RAM
    512 MB Video Card
    Windows XP / Vista / Win7

    Your RAM and Intel HD 3000 Graphics appear insufficient for this add-on too...

    You'll hear more comments from others in the forum...I'm sure....
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    These are my specs-
    i3 2.8 GhZ, GeForce 520, 4g RAM, windows Vista, 64 bit

    If I turn my scenery and graphic sliders low and leave aircraft quality higher I get 15 FPS with the PMDG 737.

    If this is your first pay ware, I would recommend the iFly or Wilco 737, the FMC is. Bit easier to worker and will get you better FPS. Hope I helped,


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    With PMDG incorporating the confiqurator to use lower texture quality. I believe it would perform as well if not better than iFly on lower end systems. The Wilco V2 737 can tax a low end system also. If ones concerned about performance, should look at the Overland/Simmersky models. No FMC and not as detailed but that's what make them easy on performance. Specially with those specs!
    CPU: I7 4790K @ 4.5 ghz, GPU and CPU water cooled
    GPU: Gigabyte GTX 970
    MEM: Gskill Rippjaw 1866 17900
    MB: Gigabyte Gaming 5 Z97X

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    What does lower texture quality mean? I really don't want to have to sacrifice looks. If someone could post some images of comparing the two that would be great!

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    I have a quick question about the iFly 737 for FSX, does it have the same wing flex capabilities the PMDG 737 has?

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    iFly has wingflex, but how realistic it is during various phases of flight (compared to PMDG), I do not know. PMDG is supposed to replicate the behavior of the actual 737NG to a very high degree. There are YouTube videos you can search for both these sims.

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    I can run the 737NGX fine, but my specs are also a bit better. The texture adjustment is mainly just exterior of aircraft, you can't really tell from looking at it.

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