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    Wow, I haven't been here for years.

    How's DreamFleet doing? I was discussing the sainted Dreamfleet 727 (probably my favourite MSFS aircraft) in a thread about an upcoming X-Plane 727, and came back here to look for nostalgic screenshots.

    Lots of happy memories flying around on VATSIM in the 727. I only use X-Plane now, and in fact I spend more time writing code for X-Plane projects than I do actually flying.

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    Me neither, though I remember you. Last post of mine dates from 2009!! (And your thread dates from last summer). Wow I was a big Dreamfleet fan back in the day with the Piper Archer and the 737-400 for FS2002. Now it seems that Dreamfleet is dead, though one can still buy their aircraft for FSX. I have fiddled around with the X-plane demo but have not gone back into civilian flight sim at all - except for F-Sim Space Shuttle and X-plane for iphone.

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