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Thread: Want to purchase FSClouds 2000 CD-ROM

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    Default Want to purchase FSClouds 2000 CD-ROM

    Want to purchase the FSClouds 2000 CD-ROM. Reason: Want the DOS-based version of FSClouds that *should be* present (to be used with MSFS5.1) - and, who knows?, there might be a version for MSFS95 ... Thanks.

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    See my post in the FS98 area, there's a link there to a free copy that should work on
    FS5.1 to FS98!


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    Thanks, Chris ... but ... the DOS- based version of FSClouds *should be* on the CD-ROM - and it's *not* on/in the 'download'. Mark.

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    That's odd! Give me a day or two to track down my CD and see what's on there, okay!

    Thanks, Mark!


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    Thanks, Chris. ***I'm looking for*** the DOS-based version (MSFS5/5.1) of FSClouds - and, if possible, the version for MSFS95. I'd tried to purchase the CD-ROM - from Flight1 - years ago, but, 'then' was too late. I travel overseas - a lot - and, I've only intermittently-searched for FSClouds (I carry/use MSFS5.1/95 on my 17 year old laptop). So ... here and now, altho' I'm now in South America, I'm 'looking again'. AND THE WEBPAGES that I've seen - at Flight1 - state that 'all earlier versions' of FSClouds were placed on FSClouds 98 and 2000. I appreciate your help, Chris. Mark.

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    Is this not available as a free download now from Flight1 ?

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    Hi Mad_Dog ... 'FSClouds 98' *is* available as a free download. As is FSClouds 2000. But ... but, the CD-ROMs of *both* held 'all earlier versions' of FSClouds. And the 'free downloads' don't - that is, neither the free download for FSClouds 98, nor that of FSClouds 2000 have the, hold the version of FSClouds that ran under DOS (for MSFS5/5.1). Nor does either download hold the version of FSClouds that ran alongside MSFS95. Now ... the 'free download' webpages state that the free downloads of FSClouds 98&2000 will run with earlier versions ... but, in fact, they can't be installed/setup without (at least) MSFS98 being present. And, heck, I don't run MFSF5.1 in a 'DOS Box' - so, here, that FSClouds 98 wouldn't help me. I need, I think, the CD-ROM(s) ... Mark.

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    I have this CD-rom. Will entertain reasonable offers. FS Clouds & Textures PRO (1998) by Flight One Software. Pristine, only used once.


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    Thanks. Found a copy. Again, thanks. Mark.

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