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Thread: Want to purchase FSClouds 98 (used with MSFS 98) CD-ROM

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    Default Want to purchase FSClouds 98 (used with MSFS 98) CD-ROM

    Want to purchase the FSClouds 98 CD-ROM (designed for use with MSFS 98). Reason: Want the DOS-based version of FSClouds that *should be* present (to be used with MSFS5.1) - and, who knows?, there might be a version for MSFS95 ... Thanks.

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    Go here for Free copy, see bottom of page!

    Should work on all versions of FS from 5.1 to FS98!

    I grabbed a copy for my archive too, in case the website closes!


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    Thanks, Chris ... I've tried using the 'downloaded' version - but it doesn't install without MSFS98 - and it doesn't have the DOS-based version. I've contacted Flight1 ... but ... but they 'just don't seem to understand' that which I want, the guy continues to answer questions that I've not asked. Good product, tho'; and I hope to find it again. Mark.

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