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Thread: How to create photoreal scenery for FSX

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    would like to see some pictures of results! Please consider or keep in mind about Skype. I've used it for years. As I mentioned, I've worked with fellows in many different time zones and at THEIR convenience. fun and easy way to exchange ideas, help each other out.
    Oh well, keep it in mind if you wish to give it a try. Fast way to learn from each other!!! anyway- looking forward to pictures . Bob

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    Hi, sorry for the late reply. I have seen your messages only now, I haven't been on this site for some time.
    Also thanks to your help I have been able to make nice textures to my photoscenery, now I'm still struggling to create custom objects and populate the area with some autogen biuldings. It's soon done

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    Labrat- find me on Skype. Look for Robert Lacy or jyarddog. Probably Robert Lacy might work easier. If there are many, I am the one in Ione Washington. On Skype we have a tremendous advantage.

    hope to see you on skype asap. Bob

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    Hi Tiberius,
    Thank you for the tutorial it is very well done and has got me started on making scenery. I have made a few scenery for the area where I live. I'm on a canal system in Lighthouse Cove. I have been successful in adding my builds to the Chatham Kent scenery default in FSX. My problem is my house always comes out flat there is no 3d to any of the buildings. The trees are coming out just fine. I am using Sbuilderx and gimp and just recently tryed F-bmpl which I like very much, but still the same flat buildings. The capture from Google Sat. is really nice and my home looks good when I pan around. I've tried a few different angles with no luck. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve my textures and i think that is my problem. Any suggestions would be welcomed and as I progress I can help others like you are doing. I want to fly and land my Icon A5 at my dock.

    Thanks in Advance
    Wm. Clarkson

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