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Thread: Rudder pedals?

  1. Default Rudder pedals?

    Instead of getting planes for FSX and flight sim in general I've been trying to add more realism to the experience, and I was wondering how good, say the saitek rudder pedals were, and if there were a better option?

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    PFC Rudder pedals are, as best I can tell, the best out there, but they are pricey. I've not seen the Saitek, but I have a set of CH Pro, and they are awkward to use -- the brakes almost impossible for me.

    The big problem is the angle at which they are laid back. Pedals in real aircraft are just short of vertical, and make it easy to rest your heels on the floor, giving you a physical reference for how much pedal movement/pressure you are using, as well as making it easy to slide your feet up a bit to apply the brakes. CH Pro (and by appearance the Saitek) are angled waaaay to far forward, making braking difficult unless you're in a high chair, and the heel support on the bottom of the pedal, along with a lack of platform to act as a floor, means you have minimum feel about how much you are applying.

    Since a lot of folks use and recommend these, apparently I'm in a small minority, but I can't use them as designed.

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    I have the saitek peddles and they are great. They have good feel and response. I have had them for over a year with no issues. The one thing to note, unless they changed , you have to click on the reverse box in the controls section of FSX. They do add huge amount of realism and enjoyment.

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    I love my Saitek Pedals although with a low chair i find myself only using my toes on the tops (grated thats whay i did with Racing pedals too)
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    If you fly Helicopters:

    Saitek Pedals

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    Saitek pedals have been good for me too.

    So much morre realistic.

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    Love my Saitek pedals and toe braking. Couldn't fly without them.

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    I have the Saitex X52 Joystick and that has been brilliant. I would expect the pedals to be good too (Haven't got them!).

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    Both versions of the Saitek peddels are great. The newer Combat peddels might be better for helicopters.

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    I have the Saitek pedals and use them sometimes and find them just fine. They are not the same as real world pedals but they operate in the same way and work just fine in the sim. I still use autorudder a lot though as sometimes I don't like having to think about doing rudder too!

    Many thanks,


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