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    Although I don't post often (Far more than the the number you see here, however-I changed my screen name), I have been using the forums for many years, going back to when I was designing free-ware analog gauges.

    Now, due to the limited amount of time I can spend on the computer, I usually just scan the first few pages at least every other day. Even so, that is a lot of posts.

    My message is that I look for problems that I think I can possibly help with, based on my own experience, and only open those strings. If the title is something like "Help!!!" it tells me nothing and I don't open it. I suspect there may be a lot of other old-timers who could and would solve problems who react the same way.

    Just a suggestion-if you want all of the people who might help you to read your post, please include a clue as to what the problem is in your title, and some details (not just a descriprition of all your system goodies) in the body of the post.


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    This is really some good advice, and one of my pet peeves too. I deal with the same thing through email every day. I'm constantly getting emails where the entire message will be something like "Need Help" or "Can't Login". Well, I can't possibly reply to that until I get the details on the help needed, so an extra round of messages is required. If you think out your question better before asking it you are much more likely to get a quick and helpful reply.

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