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Thread: Who still uses FS98?

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    I have re-discovered FS 98.
    Having worked for a PC-recycling company I came across so many perfect condition ancient laptops that were just thrown away. I decided to collect the best ones and being a flight sim nut I shoved FS 98 on the W98 ones and then began to be impressed how well FS 98 looks and feels. Even with only 4mb graphics (trident graphics, remember those?- no, i thought not) it runs at top scenery settings fluently and by perusing this website downloaded a few files.
    I was blown away at the huge rise in standards of the planes and scenery now available for FS98. I am hooked again.By an incredible piece of luck I came across a junk shop in Axeminster with a collection of about 30 commercial flight sim addons from FSX down to FS98.. I paid just £10 for all this software (mainly 2002/4) but including FS 98 Lago DC3 with Venice Demo and Flight Director 99 still in their pristine boxes and with receipts inside!Result.
    I am now looking for any commercial scenery for FS 98 or FS 95 so anybody got some please let me know here (if anyone bothers to read this thread).
    The detail for the airports is fantastic and some of the panels are as goods as 2002. Really! And best of all it runs on these beautiful old Toshiba, Acer and Dell laptops.
    I am in 7th heaven (well 9.8 to be more accurate) to find that people have continued making stuff for FS98. The best thing is that FS98 makes you use your imagination and especially when flying at night the sparse lighting from below is actually MORE realistic than FS 2002/4. In real life one cannot see that much from a plane at night so flying in VFR England and Wales is a revelation. I can even fly from my home base of Fairoaks.
    So loving FS98 and am always creating another flight plan with FS Director 99.
    And that is what I am going to do now.................
    BTW of course I got 2002/4 and FSX too but they are having a well earned rest.

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    Yep always fun running fs98, probably my fav msfs, that or fs9/2004, bought X but its a pc drain I never could run it as well as 2004 runs so smooth, and 98 will go 100fps LOL so its slways fun to play around with or shoot an instrument approach, I still have my emachines 366 Mhz from 1999 with a giant 4 gig drive that its loaded on and plays great.

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    Wow emachine 366! Is that the number of pieces of sellotape holding it together? Lol.
    Thanks for the reply.
    I have found that with the high standard of scenery addons for 98 a machine with intel gma945 (circa 2004) is required to keep it smooth. Luckily I have (amongst many) a sweet Toshiba 1000 mhz with Geforce 2 (16mb Nvidia graphics) on which it runs like a dream. Included with that pile of software were a lot of CFS2 add ons (Pearl Harbor, Battle of Britain Mem flight and Harrier-all boxed or cased) and again I am blown away how exciting and realistic it is. Forget CFS3, I Never did get into it but now can see it was a step back from CFS2. Only now have I found out. Crazy,really.
    The real advantage of these old XP /98 ME laptops is that in Vista or later they don't run well or not at all. Flight director 99 wont work except with XP. Is there a patch to make it work with windows 7 or Vista?
    Thanks again!

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    I do along with FS2002 and FS2004 different aircraft different flying styles etc so on my PC FS98 is still alive and kicking

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