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Thread: Fs9 on D partition problem in Windows7

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    Default Fs9 on D partition problem in Windows7

    Hi all,
    I've upgraded my machine from XP to W7 ultimate 32bit. Before the upgrade I backed up my hole fs9 to an external harddisk.In W7 I created two partitions, C for windows and D/data. Now in W7 i copied the backed up fs9 from my external harddisk to my D drive and I'm able to fly with errors such as .dll files (to be corrected with OLmodules thing).

    The biggest problem now is to reinstall PMDG 747 as the message Flightsimulator not installed pos up.I downloaded the registry fix but I cannot install it as it fails to install.It ask me to cose the CD drive and ask if I have administrative privilege.

    As I cannot fly without PMDG I'm looking for help.I'm trying to avoid a fresh Install because of all addons to reinstall.

    Thanks for any suggestions.Now at work,but later (3pm CET) I can give more details if needed.


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    Many of your FS9 files are held in "My Documents", if you didn't also back this up you'll have issues with just copying the main folder onto your new system.

    You must run the regfix as administrator or the system will block it from editing the registry. An alternative is to temporarily rename your current FS9 install (for example from "FlightSimulator9" to "_FlightSimulator9"), reinstall FS9 to the same drive and install the patch, restart windows. Highlight the new install and hit Shift+Del, this will completely remove the new install but leave all registry entries intact, now rename the old install to match the just deleted new install ("FlightSimulator9" if you chose the defaults). You will have to do all your FS9.cfg edits again, but you shouldn't have any problems installing payware now.

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    Thanks JGF for your reply.I will give it a try when home.

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    The bigger problem is the appdata stuff from the fs9 install that may now be lost.

    If I may suggest, consider moving your "my documents" to D: drive (google for instructions on how to do that -- don't just move files around).

    scott s.

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