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Thread: How do you keep FSX interesting?

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  1. Default How do you keep FSX interesting?

    Hi folks,

    What do you do on FSX to keep things interesting? Fun addons? try different planes? practice non-normal procedures? do ATW trips? VatSim? FSPassenger? Missions? etc

    I'm just trying to get ideas to keep FSX fresh.

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    I rather enjoyed this.
    Also Gera Godoy Canova has a lot of interresting missions.

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    I tried landing a 747 on a 5000 ft. runway after drinking a six pack of Becks once. The nose gear wasn't to happy but I was .
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    Hey Man....Becks is great I love it....okay? Happy v LOL

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    I agree 100% with Scatterbrainkid. Try flying using only NDB's or VOR's.
    I somewhat disagree with the idea of "Keep finding something new."
    I used to fly a different plane everytime, flying in different parts of the country. Since I got ORBX's PNW and Pacific Fjords two months ago, I have never been out of that area.
    I got two planes that are excellent for Bush Flying, Carenado's Cessna 185F with Tundra tires and Amphibian set-up, and Sibwings Birddog. They are all I use now.
    To me, getting to know the planes and the Area well make it more realistic. It is a real challenge to find some of those small airstrips when the visability is 5 miles, it's raining and there is a 20 knot wind blowing.
    When the visability is low and your flying through mountains, it keeps you glued to the screen, I really get a sence of satisfaction when I finally make it to where I was going.

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    Flying real world routes with all SIDS, Stars, pre-flight calculations etc... etc.. still excites me. Finding routes and dep. arr. procedures online is half the fun of flying for me


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    This is a hard one for me to answer. I've tried free planes, sceneries, etc. and it'll keep me interested for a bit, until I get bored yet again and don't fly for awhile.

    Then the itch comes back, and I'm back in the virtual skies. I can't explain why I get bored, however...
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    Still on the theme of 'keeping FSX interesting', here's something you can do with any glider such as this freeware Horsa-

    PIC 1: Start anywhere and hit 'Y' to enter slew mode, then hit 'F4' to go up like a rocket, then hit 'Y' to exit slew and look around for any landing spot you fancy.
    I'll try for that one (circled), so my men can leap out and seize the end of the bridge from jerry-


    PIC 2: drop the flaps and point the nose at the landing spot, don't worry too much about getting your speed down (trust me, the brakes on this thing are phenomenal)-


    PIC 3: Piece o'cake, good show chaps, the trick is to stand on the brakes at the instant of touchdown and it'll come to a stop within about 50 yards-

    I might try it at night too like the real guys did when they seized Pegasus Bridge-

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  9. Default Hunt For Attractions

    Go online and find one of those simple, one page tourist maps of a major city like London or Paris. You know, the kind of colorful maps that only show the main streets and have little drawings scattered about to show the main couple of dozen tourist attractions. Then, with a copy in hand, fire up your favorite chopper and see how many are portrayed in the flight sim.

    How many can you find?

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    Try mixing it up a bit! Put a check in the box at the bottom of the missions to make changes. Try the Telluride mission with a 747 at night with a blazing thunderstorm! I landed that only once! Great add-on scenery here like the upgrade for Saba about 25 miles from Princess Juliana-St. Martens also the scenery upgrade for Juliana itself. Except that will kinda goof up the reward for the Caribbean Landing Mission! Keep 'em flying!

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